SQM Iodine

We contribute to the development of strategic industries for human development

We produce iodine with a mineral that is found in few places in the world, making our production process unique.

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Present in strategic industries for human development: Health, Technology and Food

A quality product obtained with a unique process in the world.

Committed to Sustainability


Certifications and Partnerships

We have certifications of our products and processes to ensure their quality, care of the ...

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Production of iodine with sea water

"Tente en el Aire" (TEA) is the name of the project located in Nueva Victoria, SQM's site located in the commune ...

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Goals and Environmental Commitments

With clear commitments, deadlines and an investment of over US $ 200 million, SQM is executing a robust Sustainability Plan that ...

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Unique production from Caliche

Unique production process from a mineral Iodine is one of the rarest elements in the earth's crust ...

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Shared Social Value

At SQM, the creation of shared social value is inherent to our work, allowing us to promote together with our neighbors, and focused on four lines of work, initiatives that contribute to sustainable development and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the surrounding towns to our operations.

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Our Policies

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We are a global company, made up of workers of more than 30 nationalities, which seeks to generate ...

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Sustainable Development Policy

Our objective is to establish a commitment as a company to develop our work in a sustainable way with our stakeholders and ...

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Human Rights Policy

We are committed to respecting and promoting human rights in accordance with current national and international standards. With...

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Policy Against Bribery and Corruption

Anti-Corruption Policy This Anti-Bribery and Corruption Compliance Policy (the “Policy”) applies to all ...

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Outstanding news

March 2021th

Featured Initiatives

Bottle compactor

Recycling from the source The reuse of disused materials is a good point of ...

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March 2021th

Featured Initiatives

Optimization of water resources

In Nueva Victoria we are committed to optimizing water resources The project seeks to improve the ...

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February 2021


SQM: From nitrate to strategic industries for sustainability

Being a relevant actor in the change of life on the planet is the ambitious ...

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SQM IODINE in figures


Of the total energy used in SQM's operations corresponds to solar energy.


It is SQM's goal to lower fresh water consumption by 65%.


It will be the year that the iodine production process will be carbon neutral.


Of the endowment are women; a figure that is double the national average for the Chilean mining industry.


It is the level of purity of the iodine that we export to the 5 continents.